Poetry People, all ages – Tuesday January 20

Tuesday January 20 from 7-8:30 p.m.
Poetry People, all ages
Bring poems free verse or metered and set to music if you wish. You are welcome to just come and listen. Good company and chocolate bread.
The Varnum Memorial Library is working with the Cambridge Arts Council for this fun evening.

Write Your Memories Workshop

All of us have stories to tell.  Many want to leave behind stories that hold life lessons for friends and family.  But where to start?  Even published authors balk at starting to write:  Which stories to tell?  Which details to leave out—and which to keep?  Writing your memories can be intimidating too:  Will friends or family judge?  Will anyone care?  How about people you need to mention in your stories; is it okay to include them without asking?

Whether you aspire to publication or just want to record stories for your family and friends, Writing Your Memories Workshop shows you how writing your life can be easy and fun.  You’ll learn how memoir differs from autobiography and creative nonfiction.  Exercises will illuminate your strengths–and ways your written expression can be improved.  Come share your moving memories in a safe, encouraging class.

Instructor Linda Bland is an author and editor who has helped 15 other authors self-publish and sell their books to commercial publishers.  Linda delivered writing training to corporations and nonprofit organizations for 20 years; she taught writing at the college level for 21 years.

Three 90-minute sessions:  7:00-8:30 p.m. on Thursdays January 29, February 5, and February 12

Varnum Memorial Library, 194 Main St. Jeffersonville, VT  Call 644-2117 or e-mail thevarnum@gmail.com

Changing of the Guard

We received with no small measure of sadness, Jennifer Bartlau’s resignation. Jen was offered a full time position outside of the library services field and decided it was an important move for her to make. Each librarian has left her mark and Jennifer is no different.

During her tenure, Jennifer focused on ensuring we met the state Library Standards and became an active liaison to the broader library community. As a result, she brought back different ideas and perspectives, the majority of which we implemented. While Library Director, she earned her Public Librarian certificate. The interlibrary loan program was beefed up. The Vermont Collection found its own special space. The Young Adult collection expanded and the pee wee crowd were given easier access to books through the use of the book bins. Jennifer’s passion for genealogy was a draw as many people sought her expertise as they researched their ancestries. With a little rearranging, our fireplace was rediscovered and the area became a welcoming spot for folks to gather. She brought together members of the community to integrate their vision of the library with the strategic plan.

With Jennifer’s departure, arose another opportunity. Assistant Librarian Linda Cannon-Huffman accepted the position of Librarian effective December 5. Linda has worked at the Varnum Memorial Library for over one year. She earned her Masters of Library Science and applied her knowledge to the betterment of the library. Folks of all ages have made the library one of their destinations on Friday afternoons or Saturdays to visit with Linda. Whether it was engaging in far-ranging discussions with adults or asking children to assist her in checking out books, Linda’s special touch was noticed and appreciated. In her new role as Librarian, we know that Linda will build on the achievements of her predecessors and anticipate the evolving needs of our community.

Varnum Memorial Library Hosts the Seven Deadly Sins

Sin! What could be a more provocative subject and hosted by the library, no less! The Cambridge Arts Council in conjunction with the Vermont Humanities Council and Varnum Memorial Library is sponsoring the fourteenth season of the Cambridge Book Group. This year, the community voted on the seven deadly sins series. Join us as we explore: What makes the 7 sins so deadly? Who decided which sins qualify? Is avoidance of sin rising or falling in today’s society? You need to read only ~40 pages of short stories for each of 5 fun, stimulating discussions. The writers are the best: William Faulkner and Flannery O’Connor on Pride, Edith Wharton on Envy, Anton Chekhov on Sloth, Rudyard Kipling on Anger, D.H. Lawrence on Greed, and Raymond Carver on Gluttony—plus more. Don’t forget Lust—a sin that feeds whole industries.

Bring a friend to learn a little and laugh a lot with facilitator Linda M. Bland (author and Vermont Humanities Council leader of reading groups in 8 towns).

• December 13: Pride and Anger
• January 10: Sloth and Greed
• February 14: Gluttony and Lust (of course—it’s Valentine’s day).
• March 14: Discuss how the stories and our discussion changed our perception and opinions about sin.

Copies of the books will be available through the Varnum Memorial Library. As always, refreshments are served. We look forward to seeing you!

For further information, please contact April Tuck at 644-6632 or the Varnum Memorial Library at 644-2117.