Varnum Memorial Library Hosts the Seven Deadly Sins

Sin! What could be a more provocative subject and hosted by the library, no less! The Cambridge Arts Council in conjunction with the Vermont Humanities Council and Varnum Memorial Library is sponsoring the fourteenth season of the Cambridge Book Group. This year, the community voted on the seven deadly sins series. Join us as we explore: What makes the 7 sins so deadly? Who decided which sins qualify? Is avoidance of sin rising or falling in today’s society? You need to read only ~40 pages of short stories for each of 5 fun, stimulating discussions. The writers are the best: William Faulkner and Flannery O’Connor on Pride, Edith Wharton on Envy, Anton Chekhov on Sloth, Rudyard Kipling on Anger, D.H. Lawrence on Greed, and Raymond Carver on Gluttony—plus more. Don’t forget Lust—a sin that feeds whole industries.

Bring a friend to learn a little and laugh a lot with facilitator Linda M. Bland (author and Vermont Humanities Council leader of reading groups in 8 towns).

• November 8: Discuss Introduction and stories for Envy
• December 13: Pride and Anger
• January 10: Sloth and Greed
• February 14: Gluttony and Lust (of course—it’s Valentine’s day).
• March 14: Discuss how the stories and our discussion changed our perception and opinions about sin.

Copies of the books will be available through the Varnum Memorial Library. As always, refreshments are served. We look forward to seeing you!

For further information, please contact April Tuck at 644-6632 or the Varnum Memorial Library at 644-2117.

2014 Vermont Parks & Sites Passes, plus other venues

Park and Site Passes:
Pass is good for up to 8 people in one vehicle for the State Parks, and up to 8 people in the group for Historic Sites.  Calling us first to see if we have them is a good idea, since we cannot place holds on passes.

We also have ECHO, Shelburne Farms, and Shelburne Museum passes, so plan a great day with the family! Call the library at 644-2117 for availability and other information.